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Academic Resources

Since 1965, the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies has been designated as a National Resource Center for Latin American Studies. The Latin American Library maintains the fourth largest collection of Latin American and Caribbean materials in the country and the largest in the Midwest (approximately 390,000 volumes).

The Asian American Studies Program is the largest of its kind in the Midwest.

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Campus Life

Programs for Persons with Disabilities, Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services, was first in the nation to provide students with disabilities access to all University services, curricula, and facilities; develop architectural accessibility standards; and institute a wheelchair-accessible bus system. In addition to comprehensive competitive sports programs, we trained an Olympic gold-medalist wheelchair racer and 8-time Boston Marathon Wheelchair Division champion.

New Mobility Magazine ranks Illinois’ Rehabilitation Education Services first in the nation.

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The Urbana campus has seen extraordinary gains in the representation of women at the associate professor (up 68%) and full professor ranks (up 138%) since 1981, despite the overall decline in the size of the faculty. At the assistant professor level, the numbers of women have remained stable over the same period, while male assistant professors have declined 31%.

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Financial Aid

To explore the many opportunities for financial assistance offered through the University, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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Did you know…

The African American Cultural Program and La Casa Cultural Latina are among the oldest university culture centers in the nation.

Illinois was one of the first universities to establish a Women and Gender in Global Perspectives program, which offers multidisciplinary concentrations at the master’s and doctorate level.

The Summer Research Opportunities (SROP) and McNair Scholars programs provided more than 130 students with research experiences, a stipend, travel experience, and living expenses in 2001.

The Office of Minority Student Affairs sponsors the largest learning center with the most diverse work environment on campus. More than 1,200 students and tutors worked together during 2000-01 in regular weekly tutoring appointments, drop-in assistance, exam review sessions for mid-terms and finals, study skills workshops, and regular study groups.

The Japan House, which includes a tea, stroll, and Zen-style rock gardens, was dedicated in 1998 to provide an authentic physical setting in which to teach Japanese culture.

The Spurlock Museum holds approximately 45,000 ethnographic artifacts from diverse cultures and varied historical periods.

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The Urbana campus is third in the Big 10 Conference in percent of students of color who are enrolled. Students typically come from 50 states and 100 nations.

The campus has the tenth highest international student enrollment in the nation, and has the eleventh highest number of international scholars present on any campus in the United States.

Undergraduate Education

Illinois has the sixth largest study-abroad program at a major research institution and coordinates exchanges with more than 100 universities abroad.

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