Teaching Advancement Board 2014-2015

The Teaching Advancement Board (TAB) encourages excellence and innovation in teaching. Ten distinguished faculty members comprise the board.

The TAB has four main roles:

  1. evaluate and foster specific programs to improve the quality of teaching
  2. sponsor forms of recognition for excellence in teaching
  3. provide support for instructional enhancement
  4. promote developmental activity in support of teaching

The Teaching Advancement Board has proposed and implemented several programs to bring new visibility and improvement to teaching. These programs include:

The TAB also supports college-based professional development programs on teaching effectiveness (the Teaching Academies).

The TAB works closely with Instructional Development in the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Instructional Development provides workshops and the Faculty Retreat on Active Learning, an annual one-day event.

Committee Members 2014-2015

  • Eric Snodgrass, Co-chair

  • Tim Stelzer, Co-chair
  • Gretchen Adams
  • Alan Hansen
  • Cinda Heeren
  • David Hays

  • Soo-Yeun Lee
  • Stephen Notaro
  • Madhubalan Viswanathan
  • Amy Woods
  • Kristi Kuntz, ex officio
  • Michel Bellini, ex officio

Charge Letter 2014-2015

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